Books by Frank A. Jenssen

Books by Frank A. Jenssen

Frank A. Jenssen Made his debut in 1981 with the «The Salt Bin», a novel, in which he was awarded the Vesaas price. Since then, he has produced and published a number of books, among other the well-received novel, "Lengselens år" ("The years of yearning"). The latter was published in 2004 and has been described as an epical masterpiece within Norwegian literature. In the year 2011 Frank A. Jenssen published a sequel with the title, "Sneen er aldri hvit" ("The snow is never white"). Dagbladet, a national newspaper, described it as "a pearl from the North" and the novel has been very well received in general.

Mr. Jenssen has, apart from writing novels, also written and produced a number of books about Lofoten and Lofoten`s legendary seasonal fishery. "Boka om Lofotfisket" from 1984 and "Lofoten" are some of them. In 2012 Mr. Jenssen published the book, "Torsk – fisken som skapte Norge" ("Cod – The fish that created Norway") where the author boldly claims that without the cod, a fish, Norway would not have had the foundation and strength necessary to establish itself as a nation. This book received great attention nationwide and Mr. Jenssen presented the book and it`s main message on national TV-shows and newspapers.

At Galleri Lofotens Hus you will find a number of Frank A. Jenssen`s productions for sale; books which contains some of the best of his pictures throughout the years of human beings for Lofoten, the sea, storms, the midnight sun, mountains and fjords in the beautiful Lofoten Islands. Mr. Jenssen has in his productions put down a tremendous work in documenting Lofoten`s legendary seasonal fishery and whaling. By end of May 2016 the author published a new book containing spectacular photos from Lofoten throughout the four seasons of the year. The book also contains beautiful poems written by Mr. Jenssen himself. The book has been named "Mitt Lofoten" ("My Lofoten").

​Bøker skrevet av Frank A. Jenssen 
​2012: "Torsk - Fisken som skapte Norge", dokumentarbok
​​2011: "Snøen er aldri hvit", roman (havmannsprisen)
​​2004: "Lengselens år", roman
​​2002: "Til en Jeger" , diktsamling
​​1998: "Med solidarisk hilsen", jubileumsbok for Tysfjord Arbeidsmannsforening.
​1997: "Havørnlandet" , praktbok om havørn
1995: "Lofoten", praktbok
​​1986: "Harpunen som flyr", bok om norsk småkvalfangst
​​1986: Svolvær Jern og Metallarbeiderforening, jubileumsbok
​​​​1984: Boka om Lofotfisket