Frank A. Jenssen

Frank A. Jenssen
Frank A. Jenssen founded Galleri Lofotens Hus in Henningsvær, a famous fishing village, in the year 1990. The Gallery contains the very best of painted art from Lofoten through history. Working as an author, journalist and outdoor enthusiast, Mr. Jenssen has many projects in the making.

Jenssen has, among others, published numerous books as well as well as been working for NRK radio and TV (The national broadcaster). Further, he has made a number of documentary movies, including "Sapmi", commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2013, Jenssen wrote the book "Cod- the fish that created Norway", where he claims that without the cod Norway would not have had the power to establish itself as a nation. The book created a lot of attention and Jenssen was invited by a numerous of newspapers and TV shows to talk about the Cod - Norway's' most important fish.

Frank A. Jenssen has also established himself as a well-known photographer. Through numerous excursions both at sea and land, he has among other made an extensive effort in documenting Lofoten's legendary seasonal fishery from around 1960 and until today. The work of Jenssen stands out from other photographers, as he has managed to get a deeper look into the lives of the people working as fishermen.

Lastly, Frank A. Janssen has made a masterpiece of a video panorama, which has become one of the main attractions at Galleri Lofotens Hus. The show consists of nature sounds, music and pictures from Lofoten through all seasons of the year. Here you get to experience the midnight sun, the northern light, winter storms, the life of fishermen and nature at its most spectacular. The show has been used in the promotion of the Lofoten Islands in European cities like Barcelona, Seville, Paris, Madrid, Valencia and Lisbon and people all over the world have seen it over 2 million times by now. You can see the show daily, every whole hour.


2012 - "Torsk Fisken som skapte Norge"
​2011: "Snøen er aldri hvit", roman, havmannsprisen.
​2004: "The Year of Longing", novel.
​2002: "To a Hunter" - Collection of poems.
​1998: "Mutual Greetings" - anniversary book for Tysfjord Arbeidsmannsforening.
​1997: "Osprey Land" - coffee table book on the osprey.
​1997: "Blueback" - documentary film on seal invasion along the cost of Northern Norway.
​1995: "Lofoten" - coffee table book.
​1988: "The Great Adventure" - a one-hour TV production on the Lofoten fishing industry.
​1986: "The Harpoon Flies" - documentary film on Norwegian calf whaling.
​1986: Svolvær Jern og Metallarbeiderforening, anniversary book.
​1986: The Harpoon Flies" - book on Norwegian calf whaling.
​1985: Text and music for Tysfjord Sang & Sement.
​1984: Book on fishing in Lofoten.
​1981: "The Salt Box" - Roman Aschenhoug, Vesaas Prize
​1978: "Where we live" - Anniversary book for Norcem.